“Help fight the big C” – Cancer hospital fund

thumb_144_fund_detailsThis project seeks to raise funds to buy much-needed essential items for the Sri Lanka Cancer Hospital, Maharagama (National Cancer Institute of Sri Lanka).

The hospital is in great need of medical supplies to help treat its patients, most of whom come from modest economic backgrounds. Every dollar donated will go a long way for those in need!

There are approximately 800 patients who reside in the wards of the Cancer Hospital. Many seek treatments that involves the following drugs, which are currently out of stock: Vincristine injection (Cost: US$ 10), Methotrexate injection (Cost: US$ 3), Meropenum injection (Cost: US$ 5), Folinic acid (Cost: US$4) and more.

This project is being conducted in coordination with doctors working at the hospital. Therefore, we are confident that the needs outlined above are accurate.

$2,000 of the targeted funds raised will be used towards the purchase of the medical supplies detailed above. The remaining funds will be used to buy non-medical supplies (milk powder, sugar, soap, etc.) for the patients.

You can contact us for more details. Thank you in advance for your contribution towards a good cause.

Mission Accomplished – Thank you for the donations. We will update you personally with pictures !


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