Sex with Google Glass

Sex tapes have just been given a 21st century makeover thanks to the new Sex with Google Glass app.

Forget mirrors on the ceiling or handheld cameras, couples can now use the wearable technology to record their most intimate moments.

The app also lets couples see sex through their partner’s eyes by streaming the view from their respective device.

Sex with Google Glass was developed by Lebanese product design student Sherif Maktabi during the Wearable Hackathon event in London in November.

The app is controlled via voice commands. For example, saying ‘Ok glass, it’s time’ begins the recording and streaming process.

Wearers can then either film their partner during sex, or swipe the side of the device to change the view and perspective.

This includes streaming the footage being recorded by the camera on their partner’s device.

If the wearable tech is connected to smart lamps, or other household devices, for example, wearers can control music, lighting and even search the web for sexual positions and other inspiration.

Google has previously taken a firm stance on apps that feature explicit content, and most famously banned the pornographic app ‘T*** & Glass’ by developers MiKandi.

The app was downloaded from the developer’s website by 17 Google Glass owners on its debut day, while the site was visited by some 10,000 people before Google pulled the plug.

‘T*** & Glass’ let viewers browse adult content and, with Glass’s capability of displaying and recording, the app also reportedly let users record and upload their own intimate content – similar to the Sex with Google Glass app.


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