Obama’s Secret Alien Service

It may sound ridiculous, but a camera at the Washington Convention Center last year seems to have captured evidence that Reptilian aliens are among us and working for the Secret Service. With no evidence whatsoever other than a very questionable, edited video, conspiracy theorists and Obama detractors have taken up the story of a bald Secret Service agent who is working for the President and also kinda looks like Voldemort.

E.T. enthusiasts have long theorized that if an alien species has the technological capabilities to reach our planet, it might also possess the ability to cloak itself in human form. The convincing video seems to show just that, as an opportune angle shows the agent apparently morphing before our very eyes.

Even before the camera reveal, the agent’s movements seem odd and nonhuman, and definitely not like the calm demeanor of a government agent.

The unidentified agent (who, we should probably stress, is almost certainly not an alien and should accept our apology for having to report this story) appears to undergo a transformation about one minute in: his ears, nose, and chin seem to almost disappear and retract as he turns his head toward the camera. As the voice-over on the video suggests, there’s a point when the agent has a “blatant nonhuman face.”

The high-definition footage is run multiple times through different filters that show the same alarming revelation, although Conspiratorium cannot confirm that no special video tricks have been used.

The incident took place as Obama was giving a speech to a large gathering at the 2012 AIPAC Policy Conference. The tie seems fitting, since Obama was rumored to be a covert reptilian spy in the past.


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