Pizza Hut bills a Customer “Mr Fucker”

The Pizza Hut outlet in Maharagama, Sri Lanka has made a colossal blunder by issuing a bill on which the customer’s name appears as Mr. Fucker.

The customer, D. Shirantha Perera of Pannipitiya has sent a letter to Gamma Pizzakraft (Lanka) Pvt Limited, the company which operates Pizza Hut in Sri Lanka, saying he was deeply hurt after seeing the bill issued to him by the Pizza Hut outlet in Maharagama.

“On 22nd June 2014 I placed my order at the Maharagama outlet and your cashier <name edited out> took my order and issued me a receipt. At that time, he  asked for my contact number and I gave my residence land line.  Next day I noticed that your agent have given me a filthy customer name as you can see on this enclosed copy of the receipt.   Unfortunately this was seen by few of my colleagues and they laughed at me.

It was a very embarrassing situation for me and I am so disappointed on the fact that an employees of an international chain such as “Pizza Hut” could behave so carelessly and rudely with the customers,” the customer says in his letter.

pizza hut mr fucker“I informed about this to your customer service department and one of your representatives called me a few times and made some cross checking. Finally he called me on the 25th night and made so many excuses without accepting and apologising the offensive identification given to me.

I would have left this whole issue aside if your representatives even had the courtesy to apologise to me on the humiliation I encountered but that is not the case. This is not the first time I purchased from you but I believe this not the first time the irresponsible staff has done this kind of thing to your valued customers.

As a consumer and for the humilitation I have encountered due to your negligence, I will be writing to the Consumer Protection Authority and taking necessary legal action,” the letter also states

Sources close to the customer told ‘Asian Mirror’ that Pizza Hut has still not given him a satisfactory reply as to what happened. He has also forwarded the letter to the Director General of the Consumer Affairs Authority which comes under the Ministry of Internal Trade and Cooperatives.

When Contacted by Asian Mirror, a spokesman of the Consumer Affairs Authority said they would take stern action on this matter following an inquiry. From Asian Mirror


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