Japanese dozing desk allows to use laptop while lying in bed

If standing desks just seem too much like hard work and you’d really prefer to stay in bed – Japan has the answer. A new ‘dozing desk’ has gone on sale, allowing users to type on their laptop while lying in bed.

The contraption securely mounts a laptop above the user, and its legs can be moved to any position, transforming into a sofa desk and even a dinner table. Made by Japanese firm Sanko, it has a top plate that rotates 360 degrees, while three joints on each leg allow it to be moved into the perfect position – even if you are lying down on the the job.

Called the Super Upward-Looking Dozing Desk, the firm even says it has some more mundane uses, boasting: ‘you can even use it as a coffee table.

And if you’re worried about the ‘hot lap’ caused by a laptop that’s been on all day, don’t worry – the dozing desk has fans built in to cool you and your laptop down. The desk is going on sale this month in Japan for 8,980 yen (around US$90), according to Kotaku.

Recent research has even found that we think differently when lying down.

The University of Toronto Scarborough and Rotman School of Management marketing professor Pankaj Aggarwal revealed that when test subjects believe they are physically higher up – on a tall stool or a top floor – they are more likely to consider a ‘big-picture’ approach to a decision.

‘It may be more effective for stores located on a higher level of a mall to promote rich features, superior functions, or performance of their products,’ says Aggarwal.

‘It may be more effective for stores on a lower level to promote feasibility aspects such as high convenience or ease of usage for their products.’

The researchers say it all has to do with a phenomenon known as ‘mental construal,’

A person in a higher-level state of mental construal makes decisions based on questions of ‘Why?’ while lower-level mental construal focuses on the immediate logistics of ‘How?’

It’s the difference between ‘Why do I need a new desk?’ and ‘How am I going to get this thing set up in my office?’, they say. – AFP


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