Angry Mob Chops off alleged rapist’s genitals

A man accused of trying to rape a teenage girl is in a critical condition after locals hacked off his genitals with a meat cleaver in a butcher shop.

After hearing terrified screams, an angry mob took the law into its own hands and dragged Suresh Kumar, 40, into a butchers in the city of Ganganagar, India.

He was found down an alley, pinning the terrified girl against a wall.

Following a community meeting,
the vigilantes decided to drag him to a local butcher’s shop where they beat him with sticks for an hour, before chopping off his genitalia with a meat cleaver.

The remains were then dumped in the middle of the road with Kumar’s bleeding body nearby.

Local man Aamir Dhawan, 30, said: “No one went to help the man because they could see his penis on the ground and knew this was punishment for a sex crime.

“We have had a lot of intolerable offences against women in this country recently, with girls being raped, hung, and molested, and it’s time it stopped.

“This sends out a very strong message to anyone like that – if you do it you will be punished.”

However, police have taken a dim view of the vigilante attack and have called on those responsible to hand themselves in.


3 thoughts on “Angry Mob Chops off alleged rapist’s genitals

  1. Congratulations to ALL THE COMMUNITY of Ganganagar, India.

    There should be more of this instant reprisals metered out to the culprits instead of waiting for the Law to take it course.

    There are far too many reports of rape against women in India.

    SURESH KUMAR will think more than once before he even looks at another woman.

  2. गंगानगर , भारत के सभी समुदाय के लिए बधाई।

    बजाय कानून बेशक यह लेने के लिए इंतजार कर के अपराधियों के लिए बाहर मीटर के जरिए इस पल reprisals का अधिक होना चाहिए।

    भारत में महिलाओं के खिलाफ बलात्कार का अभी तक भी कई खबरें हैं ।

    वह भी किसी और औरत पर लग रहा है इससे पहले सुरेश कुमार एक बार से अधिक सोचना होगा।

  3. Gaṅgānagara, bhārata kē sabhī samudāya kē li’ē badhā’ī.

    Bajāya kānūna bēśaka yaha lēnē kē li’ē intajāra kara kē aparādhiyōṁ kē li’ē bāhara mīṭara kē jari’ē isa pala reprisals kā adhika hōnā cāhi’ē.

    Bhārata mēṁ mahilā’ōṁ kē khilāpha balātkāra kā abhī taka bhī ka’ī khabarēṁ haiṁ.

    Vaha bhī kisī aura aurata para laga rahā hai isasē pahalē surēśa kumāra ēka bāra sē adhika sōcanā hōgā.

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