Your Horoscope for 2015; Astrology Predictions

Life is a journey filled with challenges and obstacles designed to encourage us to find out what we are made of and who we really are. As the song goes, “Nobody said it was easy”. We want to honour the breath of fresh air that this new year brings by offering up a horoscope for 2015.

Look forward to knowing what situations you face in the NEXT 12 months, what will be happening to you and yours and how to handle challenges & opportunities to get the most from your life? Our Horoscope will tell you everything you need to know about your life in the 2015. Timing is everything !

The 2015 astrological forecast is all about rhythms and cycles. Plan creatively for your future and use all the influence available to steer your life successfully.

If you have an idea of how celestial events will affect you in 2015, this will make your planning and scheduling easier, and it will get the best out of year. Ultimately it is up to you how the energy that is available is utilised.


aries-2015Waiting to be discovered is so 2014. With indie-spirited Jupiter in your house of fame and romance until August 11, take your PR campaign into your own hands. Launch your own YouTube channel. Pose for a glamorous photo shoot; then, blow up Tinder with your gorgeous shots. Your major love moments come from February 20 to March 17, when Mars and Venus are both in Aries. We’re talking proposals, pregnancies, or just lots of dreamy dates. You’ll also make huge strides on a personal project in March. Hit the books — or maybe self-publish your own. Taskmaster Saturn is on a three-year tour through your house of education, travel, and entrepreneurial ventures. This could shuttle you into a master’s program or lead to a more independent career path. If you want to be your own boss (and what Aries doesn’t?) this is the time to start a business that grows with slow and steady success. Fans could come from all corners of the world, and you’ll hop at least one international flight before the fall. Though you’ll play hard in the first part of 2015, your results-focused nature returns after August 11 when Jupiter moves on to your disciplined sixth house for a year. Circle September 27 as a day for celebration. A total lunar eclipse in Aries will bring all your hard work to a glowing milestone.


taurus-horoscopes-2015Light and fluffy is awesome if you’re discussing the finer points of cupcake batter, or maybe an omelet. But, 2015 is a different story. It’s soul-baring depth you crave now, and relationships that can stand the test of time. Jupiter is snuggled up in your domestic zone until August, giving you ample opportunities to bond with your inner circle of friends and family. Ready that signature cocktail recipe and scout out your favorite cheese-crostini combo: Chez Taurus will be a hotspot for dinner parties, drop-in guests, and family visitors until the fall. Also, loyal Saturn has just embarked on a three-year tour through your house of intimacy, seduction, and shared resources. Your love life could get seriously sexy, Bull. Learning the difference between lust and love could be a big lesson of 2015. You’ll have lots of opportunity to practice during late summer. On August 11, Jupiter bursts into your house of amour, glamour, and fame for an entire year. Holy romantic renaissance! Tauruses could come into some real money in 2015. You could attract investors for an idea, score a juicy commission or sale, or even inherit some cash. Or, go minimalist: Revamp your savings plan and you might just retire at 30.


gemini-horoscope-2015Keep that Uber app open, Gemini. Jupiter restores your social-butterfly status in the first half of 2015, and your evening calendar fills quickly. While your face might pop up on every style blogger’s Instagram feed, this is also your year for locking in select partnerships. While you’re sipping bubbly and blowing air-kisses, keep your searchlight on for standout stars: Both BFFs and a true love. A creative collab could also spell money in the bank before August. With energizer Mars in Gemini from May 11 to June 24, you’ll have lots of momentum for this endeavor. But, check that ego at the door. From June 14 to September 17, you’ll have to pay your dues at work so you can make a big, professional leap in the fall. As for amour? Wise, mature Saturn just ventured into a three-year tour of your committed relationship house; 2015 could usher in a soulmate. Venus in Gemini from April 11 to May 7 will be a romantic hotspot. Relationships will definitely feel serious in 2015, and coupled Gems could get a little claustrophobic. Rather than bolt from a great partner, permit space to pursue independent hobbies and interests (instead of being each other’s “everything”). Be extra cautious of a tendency to run while Mercury is retrograde in Gemini from May 18 to June 11. In mid-August, home and family will be your focus when Jupiter decamps to your fourth house. You could move cross-country, purchase property or finally rent an apartment in the neighborhood you love.


cancer-horoscope-20152015 is like a mullet: Business in the front, party in the back. As the ball drops on Times Square, you’ll already be rolling up the sleeves of your cashmere sweater. Bountiful Jupiter and taskmaster Saturn are teaming up in the hardest working houses of your chart for much of the year, bringing the promise of major professional growth. Some Cancers could even switch careers. As humbling as starting from the bottom can be, you’ll reap your rewards this fall. Saturn’s mission for the next three years is to get you healthy, too. Invest in a juicer and become a fixture at a great fitness studio. Reducing stress is a must (those workouts will help) and could require you to outsource, delegate, or even hire an assistant. When Jupiter moves into your garrulous third house for a year on August 11, life becomes playful and fun again. The last quarter of 2014 will be lively, social, and filled with new friendships. With Saturn out of your romance house for the first time since October 2012, you could win the game of love this year. There may be one last challenge from Cupid between June 14 and September 17 as Saturn backtracks into your love zone for the last time. We’re warning you now: Don’t play with fire or screw up a great relationship by chasing the bad boys and girls. Amorous Venus is in Cancer from May 7 to June 5, which could bring a fleet of spring-fevered admirers, a proposal, or even a pregnancy. The November 11 new moon could also herald a new chapter in your love life, either with your amour du jour or someone totally new.


leo-horoscope-2015Like undisputed It Girl (and Leo) Cara Delevingne, you’ll be the name on everyone’s lips in 2015. That’s because you’re hosting magnanimous Jupiter in your sign until August 11 — a once-a-decade gift from the stars that puts you and your talents in the spotlight. You’ll need to work more independently this year, even stepping into a bigger leadership role. While you’re luckier than usual with Jupiter in your sign, you can’t reap the rewards without some risk. Stretch, expand, and let yourself stumble. Develop plans and projects behind the scenes while Jupiter is retrograde until April 8; then, go worldwide. The financial gains will come after August 11 when Jupiter moves on to Virgo and your money house for a year. Motivator Mars is in Leo from August 8 to September 6 — another power period for your career. Love is the area of life that will require the most work this year. Cosmic coach Saturn is spending year one (of three) in your fifth house of romance, bringing some reality checks and some maturity. You could settle into a serious relationship — one that’s relatively drama-free. The trouble is, Leo, you kind of like the ups and downs. But, you’ll have to find a new way to get your kicks. Venus will also be retrograde in Leo from July 31 until September 6, showing you the way you sabotage love — perhaps by being too eager or demanding. These insights will be game-changing, and for the better. February 3 is major: The annual full moon in Leo arrives hand-in-hand with lucky Jupiter. Hurl yourself into the limelight or plunge into a life-changing travel experience or course of study.


virgo-horoscope-2015Relax, relate, retreat: Your yoga mat, headphones, and Le Creuset French oven could become your BFFs for the first eight months of 2015. Both Jupiter and Saturn are to blame for this celestial sabbatical. Saturn has parked in your domestic fourth house for three years, turning you into a bit of a homebody. You could start saving money to buy an apartment, or move to be closer to your family — even co-sign a lease with a romantic partner. But, don’t put your luggage in storage yet. With Jupiter cruising through your dreamy, un-grounded 12th house until August 11, you’re feeling uncharacteristically nomadic. If there were ever a year to backpack through Europe, or take six months to teach yoga in Ubud, this would be it. Surrender the know-it-all part of your persona. You’ll do major healing this year — on your mind, body, and soul — with the help of some wise guides. You might even release a major grudge — ah, the freedom of forgiveness. But really, Virgo, your New Year doesn’t start until August 11. On that day, lucky, larger-than-life Jupiter bursts into Virgo until September 2016. Your focus is back, and you’re so ready to tackle a fresh chapter of life. Adding to this momentum is a solar eclipse in Virgo on September 13; it will make you an unstoppable force of nature for the six months to follow.


libra-horoscope-2015It’s all about who you know in 2015, Libra — and by the time the year is half through, you will have added a lot of people to your friend list. The question is: Are they the right people? While your popularity is expanding faster than Uber’s livery fleet, whose arms can you really trust-fall into? Finding the Kendall to your Kylie could be an important search mission in 2015. A team effort could bring major success nonetheless. You’ll learn important lessons about managing the troops. On April 4, a lunar eclipse in Libra helps you step forward and shine as a star or capable leader. Your hard work could even attract major media attention. Got an idea for an invention, website, or community-improvement project? Bring it to life before August 11 — you might even crowdfund it. This is also a great year for Libra media mavens to self-publish a book, drop an album, or film a documentary. As for amour, a Mars-Venus pairing makes you extra attractive from February 20 to March 17. Strike while the iron is scorching. Your cosmic ruler, Venus, is retrograde from July 25 to September 6, which could bring a lull. Fortunately, Venus will visit your sign from November 8 until December 4, helping you get romance back on track. Watch your words — and your temper — while Mercury is retrograde in Libra from September 17 through October 9. In the fall, make room for the muse! Jupiter slips into your soulful 12th house for a year on August 11. Though your creativity will be super-sized, you’ll need more support from friends — and quiet time to recharge in the last quarter of 2015.


scorpio-horoscope-2015After an ass-kicking tour through Scorpio that lasted from October 2012 until this past December, status-obsessed Saturn has left your sign. Now, the prestigious planet has moved on to your zone of luxury and financial growth until December 2017. Although you’ll work hard this year, you’ll enjoy more perks: money in the bank, a tour de force in your portfolio, and a solid professional reputation. Just be patient with the process. From June 14 until September 17, Saturn has one last hurrah in Scorpio. You could hit an old speed bump, but this time you’ll be able to race past it. Rapid-moving Jupiter also helps up your money game. The planet of luck and expansion will spend much of 2015 in your 10th house of success and ambition. Aim higher! You’ll groom yourself for a leadership role or even become the CEO of Scorpio, Inc. This is a successful year for working with big companies and collaborating. In August, Jupiter moves on to your 11th house, revving up your social life and helping you assemble a dream team. In love, you’ll prefer a more traditional approach. Pace yourself and set bigger goals with your partner. Single? The solar eclipse on March 20 could bring a dreamy prospect. With Venus in Scorpio from December 4-30, you’ll wrap the year on a romantic high.


saggitarius-horoscope-2015Drop and give us 20. With cosmic coach Saturn officially parked in Sagittarius for the next three years, you are officially in boot camp. This is not a punishment, Archer — not by a long shot. To build the muscle, you have to do the reps. The end result will be mastery, confidence, and Marvel-superhero strength. You’ll also learn patience — never a strong suit for your restless sign. Fortunately, your ruler, Jupiter, will ensure that 2015 has plenty of excitement and adventure. With the jet-setting planet cruising through your ninth house of travel and global expansion until August 11, the world is your oyster. Collect those passport stamps, but do so with a purpose — like an international industry seminar or a long-weekend workshop. You could make a mint from a publishing project or entrepreneurial venture. Some Archers will work or study abroad for a semester. Jupiter moves on to your 10th house of career for a year on August 11. Hello, CEO. A challenging job could land in your lap, one that shuttles you into a prestigious leadership position and helps you build your cred. Influential men will have your back in the last quarter of 2015. While love could take a backseat to your ambitions, it doesn’t have to. Plan an international getaway with your sweetie before the fall. With Mars and Venus in your romance house from February 20 to March 17, you’ll catch an early dose of spring fever — and a second hit of that mojo during the lunar eclipse on September 27.


capricorn-horoscope-2015Let’s be honest: #Doneanddusted will never be your hashtag, Capricorn. But, 2015 will bring a push-pull for you; with lucky Jupiter in your ultra-sexy, magnetic, and powerful eighth house, you’ll feel like the hottest mogul in town. Your ruling planet, Saturn, is slipping into a three-year sabbatical in your 12th house, calling for privacy, healing, and rejuvenation. In between those mergers and acquisitions, you’ll need long soaks in the tub, guided meditations, and off-the-grid retreats to South America. Learning to assert your boundaries — especially with draining friends and demanding relatives — will bring serenity. Jupiter’s tour of your seductive eighth house lasts until August 11. There’s no such thing as “too close” now; in fact, Caps are challenged to drop the mask and get super vulnerable. People will love you on your bad hair days, too — maybe even more so than before. You could join assets with a partner or find an investor who puts dollars behind your dream. Concentrate on your inner world until late summer; then, break out the passport again. Jupiter swings into your jet-setting ninth house for a year on August 11, making you a citizen of the world. A long-distance opportunity heats up, especially near the solar eclipse on September 13. You could also attend a teacher training or start your own profitable blog in the last quarter of 2015. Chill the bubbly on April 4 when a lunar eclipse brings major recognition for your hard work.


aquarius-horoscope-2015Indie-spirited Aquarius, maybe you never thought of yourself as “a relationship person” before, but 2015 could totally change your mind. With lucky Jupiter touring your partnership houses all year, your heart is opening wide. Jupiter brings the truth serum. Speak up about your vision of love. You don’t have to surrender to a boring, vanilla love story; rewriting the rules is totally your thing. Some Aquarians could leave a confining partnership early this year and remain happily single until the late summer. After August 11, Jupiter moves into your playing-for-keeps eighth house for a year, amplifying your desire for a mind-body-soul connection. If you’ve found The One, you won’t want to lose him or her. Put a ring on it (even if it’s just a “promise ring”). Still searching? End-of-year travel could unearth a soulmate, possibly even someone from a different culture. As for your career? Saturn reminds you that teamwork makes the dream work, but only if you are collaborating with qualified candidates. Fire the slackers and start recruiting anew, especially while Mercury is retrograde in your sign from January 21 to February 11. From mid-August on, money could come in new ways: the sale of property, royalties from your creative work, an inheritance, or a commission-based gig. Now, for the best news: Aquarius gets a triple New Year in 2015. Sure, there’s January 1, but January 20 and February 18 both bring new moons in your sign — a double bonus of luck and momentum. Make those wishes and plant those seeds. New moons in your sign are all about starting fresh.


pisces-horoscope-2015Pisces, we can see your halo. With Jupiter in your house of selfless service until August, you’re everyone’s favorite earth angel. Supporting other people’s missions and helping them shine? Love that. But, you’ll also be focused on building your own prestigious profile: 2015 is going to be a busy year for work — and an independent one. You could start a business or helm an “intrapreneurial” project within a great company. Saturn is also firing up your ambition engines, as it’s beginning a three-year tour through your house of professional accomplishments. Saturn’s progress is slow and steady: You might be the “celebrity apprentice” grooming your talents alongside a master. Sign up for sessions with a coach or take a leadership-training workshop before the fall. Jupiter moves on to your relationship house for a year on August 11, helping you break free from confining or unhealthy partnerships. Single? A cross-cultural or long-distance relationship could rock your world in a good way. Happily attached? Hold hands and take a leap together: What’s the next level for you two? The September 13 eclipse could even bring a proposal or a genuine soulmate. Taking care of your health is quite important this year: Stock up on probiotics and find a fitness studio that you love. With Mars in Pisces from January 13 until February 20, tackle independent projects and set off on a solo mission. Your real New Year is March 20. A solar eclipse in Pisces (the first in over a decade) brings major motivation to start fresh and stand on your own two feet.


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