Paris Attacks – Explosions, Gun Fire and Mass Casualties

France has declared a national state of emergency and has closed its borders after at least 120 people were killed in gun and bomb attacks in Paris.

This is an ongoing situation. Refresh this post for regular updates as they come in;

8:07PM EST: CNN’s Jake Tapper is now reporting that the current death toll stands at 149.
7:41PM EST: CNN is reporting that the Paris Deputy Mayor has said at least 118 people are dead at the concert venue alone.
7:39PM EST: Officials say they expect the death toll to rise.
7:38PM EST: French President is en route to the scene of the massacre at the concert venue.
7:35PM EST: Several reports say that Belgium has closed its borders following the Paris attacks.
7:34PM EST: According to Reuters, a Paris city official says the current total death toll is near 140.
7:32PM EST: Police now say three suspects were killed in the raid on the concert hall according to AFP.
7:26PM EST: The Eiffel Tower has gone black following the deadly attacks in Paris.
7:25PM EST: Vice Pres. Biden: “Our hearts are with Paris tonight…we stand together. We will never bow. We will never break.”
7:24PM EST: The Associated Press is reporting that police are saying over 100 people were killed inside of the concert hall.
7:23PM EST: France News 24 is reporting that the terrorists threw explosives into the crowd at the concert hall as police raided the building. Police say expect the death toll to rise.
7:18PM EST: Some reports seem to indicate that there are 100+ dead at the concert venue alone. This is a fluid situation.
7:17PM EST: AFP is reporting that at least 100 people are dead in the attacks.
7:14PM EST: Police reportedly arrested one suspect who allegedly said he was from ISIS.
6:57PM EST: The police raid on the Paris Bataclan concert hall is reportedly over according to BFMTV. Two suspects are said to have been killed.

6:43PM EST: Reports of multiple dozens of people injured in attacks. All area hospitals on high alert.
6:41PM EST: NYPD tweets that they are deploying additional officers to the streets of New York out of “abundance of caution.”
6:34PM EST: US Capitol Police will be conducting “enhanced patrols” due to heightened security from Paris attacks.
6:31PM EST: French authorities are now raiding the concert hall according to Fox News.
6:30PM EST: There are now seven different attack scenes according France 24 News.
6:29PM EST: Witnesses say the gunman in the concert hall are not trying to hide their identities.
6:28PM EST: Some people have been able to escape the concert hall and described the situation as absolute carnage.
6:27PM EST: Reuters is reporting that five explosions were just heard inside of the concert hall where as many as 100 hostages are being held.
6:26PM EST: AP is reporting automatic gunfire outside of the concert hall.
6:24PM EST: Shots heard on French TV near the concert hall where as many as 100 hostages are being held.
6:22PM EST: Police officials have confirmed to the Associated Press that there were 2 suicide attacks.
6:13PM EST: Survivor in concert hall says he is badly wounded and that the hostage takers are executing hostages 1 at a time.
6:09PM EST: Police say there are at least 6 shooting scenes throughout Paris.
6:03PM EST: French police and security forces are reportedly carrying out raids at locations in Paris.
6:02PM EST: CNN reporting that hostages in concert hall texting that they are being executed 1 by 1. They are begging for a military raid.
6:01PM EST: French President deploys Army to Paris.
6:01PM EST: French President calls incidents “unprecedented terrorist attacks”
5:55PM EST: French President has closed the borders to France and declared a state of emergency in wake of Paris attacks.
5:54PM EST: UK PM David Cameron says he is “shocked by events in Paris tonight”.
5:52PM EST: Obama has not yet spoken to the French President. Says, “He is likely very busy at the moment.”
5:49PM EST: Obama: ‘This is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share
5:47PM EST: President Obama calls France our “oldest ally” pledges full US support to the people of Paris.
5:45PM EST: NYPD is boosting security at key locations in New York City due to Paris attacks.
5:44PM EST: Other news agencies are also reporting 60 dead so far.
5:42PM EST: The French government has called for an emergency cabinet meeting.
5:41PM EST: According to SKY News’ live feed, the hostage takers at the Paris Bataclan concert hall do have explosives.
5:40PM EST: According to France News 24 heavy gunfire is continuing near the Les Halles shopping mall.
5:38PM EST: According to Reuters and Europe Radio 1 a new shooting is being reported at the Les Halles shopping mall.
5:36PM EST: President Obama and the White House has been briefed on the situation in Paris.
5:34PM EST: BFMTV is reporting 60 dead so far.
5:33PM EST: French Terrorism officials have reportedly taken over the investigation.
5:33PM EST: The crowd at the Stade de France soccer stadium for the France/German soccer game have reportedly ran onto the pitch and are too scared to leave the stadium.
5:31PM EST: BMFTV is reporting that there are currently 6 different shooting scenes, 3 different explosion scenes and 1 hostage situation.
5:29PM EST: At least one of the reported shootings was reportedly done by men in a car using automatic rifles.
5:28PM EST: Shots have been reported in the last 30 minutes.
5:25PM EST: The Department of Homeland Security has said there is currently no credible threat to the United States.
5:22PM EST: A witness speaking on French radio said he heard the attackers shout “Allah Akbar” during the attack.
5:21PM EST: The Associated Press is reporting that a police official has said 35-40 people are dead and another 100 are being held hostage.
5:16PM EST: SKY News is reporting as many as 40 dead.
5:15PM EST: Police with long guns searching streets of Paris.
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 5.14.32 PM
5:14PM EST: US security officials say the incidents appear to be a coordinated terror attack.
5:11PM EST: One of the explosions may have been a suicide bomber. A dismembered body was reportedly found at the site of one of the explosions.
5:10PM EST: Around 80,000 people are being evacuated from Stade de France soccer stadium. Being told to leave the stadium calmly and slowly.
5:10PM EST: Eagles of Death Metal was reportedly the band that was playing at the Paris Bataclan.
5:09PM EST: Attack could be the worst on French soil in modern era.
5:07PM EST: Reuters and AFP reports up to 30 dead.
5:05PM EST: Paris mayor describes incident as possibly the worst terror attack in Paris history.
5:02PM EST: French media says area where attacks occurred would be extremely densely populated on a Friday night.
5:01PM EST: These attacks occurred in the same area as the Charlie Hebdo offices.
4:59PM EST: Associated Press is reporting 26 dead.
4:58PM EST: The soccer match at the Stade de France is currently ongoing. Persons inside the stadium may not be aware of the situation.
4:56PM EST: French President François Hollande was at the Stade de France soccer stadium. He was evacuated and is currently involved in emergency meetings.
4:54PM EST: Witnesses say it’s extremely likely that multiple people committed shootings due to high number of shots fired in rapid succession.
4:51PM EST: As many as 60 hostages at Paris Bataclan.
4:51PM EST: There may be between 5-8 total attackers across the three locations.
4:49PM EST: None of the gunman have been accounted for as of yet. May be at Paris Bataclan concert hall where hostages are reported.
4:41PM EST: There are at least three active scenes according to police.
4:40PM EST: Hostages taken at Paris Bataclan according to France News 24.
4:39PM EST: As many as 80,000 people may be trapped inside the Stade de France for a soccer match between the German and French teams.
4:37PM EST: The AFP, whose officers are reportedly near the attack, has revised the current death toll to 18.
4:33PM EST: One of the attackers is reportedly armed with an automatic AK-47 style rifle.
4:31PM EST: The BBC is reported at least 10 fatalities thus far in the attack.
4:31PM EST: French counter terrorism team, ‘The Raid’, has been put on alert according to media outlet Le Figaro.
4:27PM EST: Multiple fatalities are being reported by French media. These reports are unconfirmed.
4:24PM EST: Some reports indicate that at least 2 gunman are battling with police and using handheld explosives, possibly grenades.

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