Major Projects – Sri Lanka Budget 2016

Ministry of Buddha Sasana

Sacred Area Developments – 100mn – Construction of 100 temples. Renovation of 33 temples.
Vidyalankara International Buddhist Center-Kelaniya – 300mn – Completion of the conference hall.
Redevelopment of under devloped Dhamma Schools – 100mn – Plan to develop 500 Dhamma schools in 2016. Allocated Rs. 200,000 for each Dhamma school.
Renovation of Places of Worship damaged due to the earthquake in Nepal – 50mn – Renovation of the Ananda Kuti Buddhist temple & Hindu Kovil in Machchindranath (2015 – 2017).
Rehabilitation of Under-developed Buddhist Temples – 90mn – Rehabilitation of 600 temples.

Ministry of Finance

Financing of Investment on Small & Medium Enterprises & Green Energy – 7500mn – Full utilisation of allocation of 2016.
Revenue Administration Management System – 500mn – Completion of identified activities.
Construction of Proposed Extension to Treasury Building – 500mn – Completion of Construction Work

Ministry of Defence

Defence Headquarters building at Akuregoda – 600mn – Complete 90% of phase I
Maritime Cooperation (JICA) – 8.6mn
Secretariat for Personal Identification – 100min – Loan repayment
Development of Humanitarian search and rescue capacity – 100mn – Procuring 75% of equipment for rescue operation & train 02 rescue teams for three armed forces
Establish a Base Maintenance Centre – SL Air Force – 1360mn – 1. Completion of overhauling 03 Nos of air crafts and commencement of overhauling 02 Nos of aircrafts. 2. Delivery of spares, tools & consumable pack for overhaul of 13 aircrafts.
Purchasing 02 Nos. AOPVs – SL Navy – 8182.7mn – Loan repayment
Teaching Hospital for KDU – 2300mn – Loan repayment

Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs

No Major projects in monitory terms to highlight

Ministry of Disaster Management

Implementation of Mitigation Projects to minimize the impact of disaster in districts – 500mn – Conduct medium scale disaster mitigation Projects in 07 districts(Kurunegala, Matara, Hambantota, Kalutara, Matale, Mullativu, Badulla)
Disaster Rehabilitation Relief – 332mn – To provide required facilities on sudden disaster
Landslide Mitigation Programmes (GOSL/Japan) – 230mn – Apply the mitigation method for 10 school and 10 hospital in central high land.
Strengthening the Resilience of post Conflict Recovery and Development to Climate Change Risks in SriLanka (GOSL/UNDP) – 221mn – Improve the tanks in dry zone and provide suitable seeds for drought
Flood Mitigation Programme – 100mn – Flood mitigation in Panadura, kalutara, Dambulla an Jaffna
Developing Digital Integrated Digital Terrain Model and Synthetic Aperture Radar Information for Landslide Risk Reduction – 100mn – Develop a automated landslide risk alert & warning system
Expansion of Laboratories of National Building Research Organization – 100mn – Establishment of 03 science laboratories

Ministry of Posts, Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs

No Major projects in monitory terms to highlight

Ministry of Justice

No Major projects in monitory terms to highlight

Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine

Development of District General Hospitals at Hambantota and Nuwara-Eliya – 1050mn – Complete construction work of 9 storied building for Hambantota GH & 4 Storied building for Nuwara-Eliya GH with Medical Equipment and furniture
Helmut Kohl Maternity Hospital, Karapitiya – 1050mn – 850-Beded Maternity hospital with Modern facilities
Epilepsy unit at National Hospital Colombo – 1745mn – 06 storied ward complex for epilepsy treatment
Upgrading of National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) of Sri Lanka with State of Art Technology giving Special Emphasis on North & East hospitals – 680mn – Providing infrastructure facilities and equipment for 14 hospitals
Construction & Upgrading of peripheral blood banks coming under the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) of Ministry of Health – 550mn – Completion of construction work of 19-Level III Blood Banks Provision of equipment for 85 blood banks
Development of DGH Polonnaruwa – 250mn – Completion of 75% construction works of 03 wards, Theater and ICU, 03 quarters, New Blood banks and lab facilities
Provision of High Quality Radiotherapy for Cancer patients in Sri Lanka with High Energy Radiation – 1400mn – Complete the construction works and purchasing of 23 Linear Accelerators and 08 CT Simulator for Oncology units in 5 Hospitals Initiate construction works of 5 bunkers to install the equipment
Activities Under Second Health Sector Development Programme – 2650mn – Implementation of identified activities under the project with 100% disbursement of foreign finance.
Development of District Hospital Kalutara as a Specialized Maternal and Children’s Hospital – 1100mn – Commencement of construction work for 6 storied Fully –fledged maternal and child care hospital
Development of Ambulatory Care Centre (OPD) of NHSL – 1980mn – Initiate the preliminary work for OPD building at NHSL and awarding the contract
Construction of a Ward Complex at Borella Ayurveda Teaching Hospital – 1000mn – Completion of construction work of the 8 Storied building

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

No Major projects in monitory terms to highlight

Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation

Medwachchiya to Madu Railway Line – 921mn – Completion of Construction work
Madu to Talaimannar Railway Line – 3080mn – Completion of Construction work
Omanthai to Pallai Railway Line – 2280mn – Completion of Construction work
Pallai to Kankasanthurai Railway Line – 3830mn – Completion of Construction work
Installation of Signaling and Telecommunication System for Northern Line – 1721mn – Completion of Construction work
Matara to Kataragama (Phase I – Matara – Beliatta) Railway Line – 18915mn – Completion of Construction work
Domestic Airport Development Project – Batticaloa – 200mn – Completion of Construction work
Procurement of Rolling Stock for Northern Railway Line – 100mn – Augmentation of Rolling Stock

Ministry of Higher Education and Highways

Higher Education

University hostel project – 2945mn – 60 hostels
Human Capital Development of Academics (PhD, MD & Masters)/ Non Academic-Administrators – 1000mn – No. of Academics Trained (100 Academics/60 Administrators)
Construction projects in University system 8347mn – No. of buildings completed (110 buildings out of 131)
Commencement of Technology stream at universities – 1200mn – No. of students admitted (1500)
University research projects – 770mn – No. of proposals implemented (15 projects to be commenced)


Extension of Southern Expressway – 96 Km 4 lane Expressway Matara to Hambantota via Mattala – 25100mn – 80% Land acquisition, 15 Km formation
Priority Road Project III-1 & III-2 – Rehabilitation & Improvement of 740 Km Roads & 100 Bridges on National Roads – 13650mn – 150 km Road works, No 40 Bridges
Outer Circular Highway III – 9.32 Km 4 lane Expressway Kadawatha to Kerawalapitiya – 9200mn – 20% out of 9.32 km expressway to be completed in 2016
Integrated Road Investment Programe – 2200 Km Rural & 400 Km National Roads & 30 Bridges & Imp – 9700mn – 600 km Road carpeting and 15 Nos bridges construction
Central Expressway – 140 Km 4 Lanes Expressway – 4200mn – 30% of land acquisition to be completed
Badulla Chenkaladi Project – 147 Km Rehabilitation & Improvement – 1700mn – 10% of Embankment filling cutting & Structure building
Major Bridge construction – 21 New bridges Construction (Over 30 m long) – 3175mn – Reconstruction of 4 Bridges
UK Funded Regional Bridges – 244 Supply of bridges design & survey UK technical assistance – 1100mn – Constructions of 40 Nos of National and Rural bridges
Construction of 3 Flyovers – Rajagiriya, Ganemulla & Polgahawela – 600mn – Consultancy inputs and Logistic
New Bridge construction project over Kelani River – To Mitigate traffic congestion & improve Port-Expressway Network – 1905mn – 100% Preliminary activities, detail designs and construction supervision
Reconstruction of 25 Bridges – 25 Bridges National Roads – 800mn – 50% completion of substructure work of 8 bridges and 25% foundation work of 9 bridges
Landslide Disaster Project – Mitigation of Landslide in national roads – 600mn – Preparation of Tender documents and award contracts

Ministry of Agriculture

Development of Minor irrigation system & Abandoned paddy lands – 1320mn – Increase the paddy yield by 1200 Mt Cultivate 30,000 acres
National Seed Production and Purchasing Programme – 270mn – Reduce the amount of imports of vegetable and other crops by 1/3
Accelerated Seed Farms Development Programme – 120mn – 07 No of farms improvement
Production and use of Organic Fertilizer – 100mn – 500 No of Ha. Cultivated
Strengthening of Seed Certification Activities – 104mn – Construction of seed lab at Murunkan
Improvement of School of Agriculture – 75mn – Construction and Renovation of AS at Kundasale, Vavunia, Pelwehera, Karapincha
Development of bio-diversity garden of tropical fruits at Fruit Crops Research and Development Centre-Horana – 75mn – 1 garden development at Horana
Promotion of Local seed potato production – 60mn – Total Potato yield production of 111 Mt (Increase the Potato yield and cultivate 5,750 Ha.)
Construction of 32 new fertilizer storage – 50mn
Crop Diversification – 50mn – Increase Paddy productivity by 173.09 Mt. Cultivating 5245.25 acres of paddy lands. 4835 farmer families benefited

Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy

Habarana- Veyangoda 220 kV Transmission Line – Commencement of the Construction
Colombo City Transmission Development and LV Loss Reduction Programme – Commencement of the Construction
400 kV Transmission Line Habarana- Sampoor – Completion of Grid Sub Station at Sampoor
Clean Energy & Access Improvement Project – Completion of Grid Sub Station at Kelaniya
Rural Electrification and Distribution System Improvement in Eastern (Ampara & Uva Provinces) – Achieving 100% coverage in areas considered
Clean Energy & Network Efficiency – Capacity Enhancement of Vauniya and Mannar Grid Sub Stations

** *These projects are carried out through direct disbursement of the foreign funds and earnings of Ceylon Electricity Board and therefore no provisions are made in the Budget Estimates

Improving Gender Inclusive Access to Clean Energy and Renewable Energy in Bhutan, Nepal & Sri Lanka – 78mn – 4000 Households electrified

Ministry of Women and Child Affairs

Nutritional Food Package for Expectant Mothers – 7500mn – Healthy Mal-Nutrition Level
Early Childhood Care and Development(GOSL-WB) – 523.5mn – Good Future Generation
Diriya Kantha Programme – 50mn – Empowerment of Women Headed Families
Prevention of Child Abuse and Violence Against Women – 50mn – Child Abuse and Women Violence free country
Kantha Saviya Programme – 35mn – Improvement in women Economy

Ministry of Home Affairs

Construction of office buildings for district and divisional secretariats – 4320mn – Construction of 88 office buildings in district and divisional secretariats
e-BMD Project – 2.1mn – Scan and feed new birth certificates in 2016, to the system

Ministry of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media

Digitization of Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Project(Japanese Loan) – 1,698 (1,450- Foreign Loans, 248 – Foreign Finance Associated Cost) – 1. Selecting consultants and awarding the contract. 2. Formulation of DBNO(Digital Broadcast Network Operators) legal entity
Improvement of TV Programmes of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation under the Japanese Grant Aid scheme – 101.6 (58.9 – Foreign Grant, 42.7- Counterpart funds) – 449 Dubbed and Subtitled Television programmes completed

Ministry of Housing and Construction

Housing loan programme – 1300mn – 5,000 Houses constructed with loan facility
Rehabilitation and infrastructure development of housing schemes – 240mn – Housing units 1875 to be rehabilitated
Infrastructure development of CETRAC and OTC – 45mn – Increasing the annual trained persons up to 3,982
Construction of Moratuwa-Lunawa urban housing scheme – 340mn – Completed 356 housing units
Construction of Lindula housing scheme – 17mn – Completed 54 housing units

Ministry of Social Empowerment and welfare

Samurdhi Programme – 43950mn – Empowerment of Rural Economy
Financial supports for Elders – 9266mn – Improved Life Standard for Elders
Assistance for for Disable Persons – 1038mn – Life Improvement of Disable Persons
Financial Support for Kidney Patients – 707mn – Facilitating CKDu patients for Treatments

Ministry of Education

Improvements of Schools buildings – 3000mn – 101 schools (buildings constructed & rehabilitated)
Sanitation facilities to schools – 4000mn – All government schools (except schools with 100% sanitation coverage) – No. of schools provided with toilets according to national standards
Education Sector Dev. Program – 2000mn – 251 schools No. of schools having labs for technology stream
Improving Science Education – 450mn – 760 schools – No. of mobile science kits distributed
Archaeological Services – 114mn – 9 sites – No. of Major archaeological sites conserved

Ministry of Public Administration and Management

Public Administration & Establishments – 866mn – Recruit 400 senior level and 4000 tertiary and secondary level public sector officers. Training 570 senior level and tertiary and secondary level officers
Management reforms and public relations – 126mmn – To cater 25,000 service recipients per year 2016
National Productivity Promotion – 456mn – Promoting productivity in 300 public and private sector organizations

Ministry of Plantation Industries

Small Holder Plantation Entrepreneurship Development Programme – 496.5min – 550 No of hectares replanted Tea. 5000 No. of hectares replanted Rubber. 2050 No. of hectares replanted Spice and fruit crop development.
Smallholder Tea & Rubber Revitalization Project – 1080.5mn – 160 No. of hectares replanted Tea – Galle (Low Country). 210 No. of hectares replanted Tea – Matara (Low Country). 210 No. of hectares replanted Tea – Ratnapura (Low Country). 60 No. of hectares replanted Tea – Badulla (Up Country). 35 No. of hectares replanted Tea – Kandy (Mid Country). 100 No. of hectares replanted Rubber – Monaragala. 105 No. of hectares replanted Rubber – Ampara.

Ministry of Sports

Development of Infrastructure Facilities – 1348mn – 11 play grounds, 10 sports complexes, 11 Building to be constructed
Exposure of Standard Sports facilities to Rural People – 320mn – 9 provinces (No. of equipment provided) – Cricket/Football/Volleyball/Badminton/Netball sports equipment. 50 rural grounds (No. of Rural grounds completed). 2500 people No. of people trained
Local and International Sports Events – 250mn – Local – 180 (No. of Events / Coaching Camps). International – 05 (No. of Events / Coaching Camps). Local – 10,000 (No. of Participants). International – 800 (No. of Participants).
Kreeda Shakthi Programme – 60mn – 100 children identified to develop sports talents
Sports Re–Engineering Project – 20mn – 200 instructors to be trained

Ministry of Hill Country New Villages, Infrastructure and Community Development

Estate Housing Programme – 102mn – 150 Plantation houses constructed O/w – Plantation Community (Preparatory work – Rs.0.03Mn, Construction 0f Houses – Rs.0.65Mn)
Estate Housing Programme – 51.5mn – 50 Plantation houses constructed O/w – Landslide Victims (Preparatory work – Rs.0.03Mn, Construction 0f Houses – Rs.1Mn)
Lagging Area Socio-Economic Development Project – 100mn – Partial Concreting-1km@ Rs. 5 Mn. – 20km upgraded
Lagging Area Socio-Economic Development Project – 37.5mn – Rs .2.5 Mn. – 15 Child Development Centers constructed
Lagging Area Socio-Economic Development Project – 40mn – Rs. 2 Mn. – 20 Electricity Grid established
Livelihood and Basic Facility Improvement in rural areas – 38.5mn – Rs. 0.07 Mn. – 550 Line rooms re-roofed

Ministry of Rehabilitation, Re-settlement and Hindu Religious Affairs

Maintenance of welfare centers – 71mn – Assist the simper resettlement and complete the initial resettlement work in North/ East
Construction of Houses (GOSL-INDIA) – 2000mn – To complete the construction of 17332 houses
Improvement of Hindu Kovil – 88mn – Construction of 32 Kovil in North, and 20 Kovil Eastern province, Renovation of 23 kovil in Island wide
Establishment of Rehabilitation Centers for Drug Dependent Persons – 500mn – To complete the 100 semi-permanent building , one small hospital, complete visiting room ,auditorium , sports pavilion and rehabilitation of 3000 drug addicted persons

Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Industrial Estate Programme – 300mn – Improvement of Infrastructure facilities to 05 Existing Industrial Estates
Thrust area Development Programme – 150mn – Encouraging Local Spice Industries to Produce Value Added Products to the Export Market
Handloom and Textile Industries – 150mn – To Enhance the Production Capacity of the Textile Industry
Expansion of Lanka Sathosa Retail Network – 100mn – Opening 05 Outlets and Renovation of Existing Outlets
Improvement of Elephantpass Saltern – 80mn – Value Addition of Salts and Infrastructure Development

Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development

Projects on refurbishment and expansion of refinery, Sapugaskanda
Project on cross country pipeline improvement
Project on construction on Fuel hydrant System and other facilities at BIA, Katunayake
Project on production and commercialization of already discovered gas deposits in Mannar basin
Project on conversion of waste plastic in to fuel

***These projects are implemented by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and other related institution of the Ministry.

Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development

Introduction of Modern Technology for Small and Medium Fishing Industry – 1600mn – Enhanced the avg. monthly income of the fishermen than in 2015
Development & Rehabilitation of Fishery Harbours, Anchorages and Landing Sites – 1000mn – 10 Fishery habours & Anchorages developed
Fisheries Community Empowerment – 130mn – 21 Activities conducted
Coastal Rehabilitation and Resources Management Programme – 50mn – 4 Activities conducted

Ministry of Lands

Issuing Land Grants – 0.96mn – 16600 Land Grants issued
Issuing permits & long term lease, Land titles of Land Alienation – 500mn – 24000 permits & long term lease, Land titles of Land Alienation
Preparation of Divisional Land use plans – 28.4mn – 100 Divisional Land use plans
Reprinting of maps – 1:10,000 – 500 sheets and 1:50,000 – 30 sheets – 12mn
Digital Data preparation – 12mn – 20,000 Space of Sq.Km digital data prepared
Acquiring private Lands for state purposes – 2345mn – 350 lands acquired
Establishing e-Land Hub,e-Land Registry and National spatial Data Infrastructure – 20mn – e-Land Hub, e-Land Registry and National spatial Data Infrastructure

Ministry of Rural Economic Affairs

National Agribusiness Development Programme – 1636mn – Number of beneficiaries increased
Importation of Dairy Animals – 900mn – Number of dairy animals imported
Medium Term Livestock Development programme – 45mn – Number of constructions completed
Facilitation and Promotion of Liquid Milk Consumption – 45mn – Number of Milk collections centers established
Establishment of Animal Breeder Farms – 35mn – Number of Breeder Farms established
Livestock Breeding projects – 120mn – Number of Medium Scale Breeder Farmes stablished
Improvement of service Delivery System of Field Veterinary Office – 120mn – Number of constructions completed

Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government

Construction of Rural Bridges – 7377mn – Construction of 537 Rural bridges
Northern Road Connectivity Project – 2338mn – Completion 89 % of the project work
Heath Sector Development Project – 3306mn – 40% provincially manage health facilities have established Emergency Treatment Units
Local Government Enhancement Project (Puraneguma) – 4452mn – 6000 additional water connections
Greater Colombo Waste Water Management Project – 5675mn – Rehabilitation of 4 pumping stations and connecting stations

Ministry of National Dialogue

National Languages Development Programme – 20mn – To supply Bilingual service to the public (Language improved Number of public Officers from government institution)
Social Integration Development Programme – 10mn – Ensure Social Harmony (Number of Programmes conducted)
Trillingual Programme – 10mn – Social integration by over come with language barriers (No. of Programmes and Classes Conducted)
Implementation an Official Language Policy – 17.9mn – Improve an efficiency of the Government Service by using other National Language

Ministry of Public Enterprise Development

No Major projects in monitory terms to highlight

Ministry of Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs

No Major projects in monitory terms to highlight

Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment

Moragahakanda Kaluganaga Development Project – 16550mn – Construction of 16 Km of roads, Construction of 7 buildings. 90% of the Dam will be completed
Uma Oya Development Project – 19373mn – 73% of head work to be completed (Access Roads & Tunnels, Transmission Line and Mobilization, Dam Construction, Waterways (Tunnels & Shafts), Powerhouse (Underground))
Kalinga Nuwara angamedilla Project – 8600mn – Improvement of 25 Km of Angamedilla Attanakadawara Road. Construction of Angamedilla Power substation ,Pumphouse.
Water Resources Development Investment Programme – 7550mn – Construction of 6 Km of Upper Elahera Canal. Reforestation of 50 hectares. Resettlement and encroachment of 85 families
Additional Financing for Dam safety and Water Resources Planning Project – 3750mn – 32 no of dams remedial works to be carried out. 80 no of dams provided with basic safety facilities. Hydrometrological information system to be prepared
School Environmental Pioneer Programme – 20mn – 130 no of trainings & workshops. 20,000 copies of Guide books produced. Medal Examination & Awarding ceremony. 9 no of Progress review & Monitoring meetings.
Pilisaru Programme – 190mn – Establishment of 30 no of composites. Expansion of 30 no of composites. 100 no of awareness programmes on waste separation. 18 no of Religious events
Effective Management of Invasive Alien species – 80mn – Preparing 4 lists,3 case study practice. Preparing IAS policy
Community forestry – 30mn – Woodlot-252.4ha. Buffer zone-281 ha. Enrichment-114 ha.
Addressing Climate change impacts on Marginalized Agricultural Communities at Mahaweli River Basin – 426.7mn – 14,039 rain fed families benefited. 760 farm women benefited
Construction of Solid Waste Disposal Facilities – 50mn – Completing of Detailed design document and bidding documents, completing the earthworks of landfills

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife

Constructions of Electric Fences – 150mn – 228kms
Gampaha Botanical garden & Ganewatta Medicinal Plant Garden – 14.4mn – 90% of completion of building
Hambantota Botanical garden – 44mn – 80% of completion of building.
Hambantota Botanical garden – 32mn – 25 hectares of land development
Awissawella Botanical garden – 14.85mn – 7 hectares of land development

Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development

Metro Colombo Urban – 9000mn – Reducing the flooding in the Colombo City.
Greater Colombo Urban Transport Development project – Phase I – 714mn – Expand the accessibility to Outer Circular and Southern Expressways. Linking bus terminals and railways Completely.
Development of Strategic Cities – Kandy & Galle – 5940mn – Developing 1,000 km 2 areas. Providing compensation for people on land acquiring Improving 4km canals. Construction of 3 bus terminals.
Greater Colombo Flood Protection and Environment Development Project – 1000mn – Construction of 4km minor canals, 2km major canals together with 94 acre lake. Renovation of 4km of Kittampahuwa Canal and 3.6km of Salalihini Mawatha Canal.
Metro Colombo Solid Waste Management Project – 2000mn – Reorganization of solid waste dumping site at Meethotamulla

Ministry of Internal Affairs, Wayamba Development and Cultural Affairs

e-NIC Project – 1000mn – 331 DS office equipped with required equipment.
Continuation of construction of – cultural Centers and operation of cultural Centers – 656min – 15 cultural centers completed Training of 60,000 persons.
Renovation of John de Silva, Elphinston and National Art Galleries – 230mn – Complete the 3 Art Galleries

Ministry of Southern Development

Improvement of Sea ports and Airport facilities
Improvement of facilities for Agriculture sector
Facilitation of urban development of the Southern Region
Development of Eco-tourism industry. Improvement of facilities and Establishment of business units (Establishment of 25 business units).
Identification of development gaps and increase of resources base (Conducting 03 studies)
Creation of Income Generation Activities (Creation of 50 self-employment opportunities)

Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation

No Major projects in monitory terms to highlight

Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply

Dry Zone Urban Water Supply & Sanitation Project – 1123mn – Completion of Chillaw/ Puttalam Treatment Plant
Greater Colombo Water and Wastewater Management Improvement Investment Programme – Project I  – System Rehabilitation for NRW reduction in North & East part of Colombo City
Greater Colombo Water and Wastewater Management Improvement Investment Programme – Project II – System Rehabilitation for NRW reduction in South & West part of Colombo City
Jaffna Kilinochchi Water Supply Project – Construction of towers at Kytes, Madathiv, Nilavur (80% completion of 8 towers contract Completion of distribution contract)
Kandy City Wastewater Management Project – Awarding the contract of property connection and common sanitary facilities for low income area (Design and construction works of wastewater treatment plant, pump houses and disposal system contract)
Anuradhapura North Water Supply Project – Awarding the all 5 contacts

*** These projects are carried out through direct disbursement of the foreign funds and earnings of National Water Supply and Drainage Board and therefore no provisions are made in the Budget Estimates

Ministry of Ports and Shipping

Galle Port Development Project
Construction of East Container terminal of port of Colombo
Upgrading the quality of certificate of competencies and seafarer Continuous Discharge certificate

Ministry of Foreign Employment

Establishment of Migrant Resource Centers – 400mn – Completion of construction works of 04 centers. Commencement of 05 training programs
Strengthening the data collection network – 30mn – Purchase of 300 new computers

Ministry of Law & Order and Prison Reforms

Increase the resolution of crimes up to 70 %
Increase the contribution of STF for the support of Sri Lanka Police
Increase the contribution of community Police service by 5 % for a peoples’ friendly Police service
Reduce the congestion in prisons by 10 % to maintain the International standards of prisons
Increase the programs of community based corrections by 5 %
Increase the strategies by 10 % to control the usage and circulation of dangerous drugs

Ministry of Labour and Trade Union

Relations Construction of Labour Secretariat Building -“Mehawara Piyassa” – 4682mn – Complete the building
Construction of Provincial and District Labour Office – 232mn – Provide permanent office building for Provincial and District Labour Offices
Promotion of Employees’ Provident Fund Activities – 107mn – Include all Informal Sector Employees (Increased Number of New Coverage of EPF Registration)
Career Guidance and Employment matching – 24mn – Increase Job Opportunities and reduce unemployment

Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure

Establishment of Computer Labs in Provincial schools – 250mn – 110 No.of Computer labs. 220 No. of Trained Teachers.
Establishment of District IT Resources Centers – 42mn – 6 No. of IT Centres
IT Park – Jaffna – (Recurrent – 6mn, Capital – 2.9mn) – 245 No. of Trained persons
IT Park – Mannar – (Recurrent – 4mn, Capital – 0.375mn) – 200 No. of Trained persons

Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade

Project for Identification of 45 Economic Zones – 5mn – Feasibility study to Identify economic Zones
Project for upgrade innovation new Products – 20mn – Encourage exporters to export value added products and generate more foreign income
Modification of systems with linking other recommendation Authorities – 5mn – Reduce licenses issuing time up to ½ an hour and to issue, 15,000 licenses Limitation of hazardous imports

Ministry of Science, Technology and Research

Nano Technology Initiative – 550mn – Increase research industry tie-ups by 15
Establishment of National Science Center – 175mn – Commencement of construction work of National Science Center
Vidatha Programme – 66mn – 4,000 Technology Transfer programs. 2,000 Scientific Awareness programs.
Planetarium – 35mn – 400 presentations. 10 mobile planetarium presentations 15 night sky observations.

Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training

Skills Sector Development Programme – 3020mn – Training of 100 Offices 10 new courses and revision to existing 20 courses. Establishment of 1 center. Construction of 05 buildings. Rehabilitation of 20 centers. Introduction of 10 courses. Establishment of 3 Industrial Sector Councils.
Establishment of Vocational Training Center in Killinochchi – 1420mn – Partly completed Training Center at Killinochchi (90% of the construction completed)
Establishment of Colombo Vocational Training Center and Gampaha Technical College – 1200mn – Partly completed Training Centers at Colombo and Gampaha (40% of the constructions completed)
Construction of Building for Matale Technical College – 19mn – Completed construction work of Matale Technical College
Construction of Permanent building at the HARDI Advanced Technological Institute – Ampara – 100mn – Carrying out the construction work of buildings for HARDI Ampara (50% of the works completed)

Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management

Talpitigala Reservoir (Lower Uma Oya) – 3000mn – Completion of Design. Completion of 10% of dam construction.
Rehabilitation of Major and Medium Irrigation Schemes including emergency infrastructure rehabilitation works – 1350mn – 40 no of work items completed (Flood damage rehabilitation). 66 no of schemes Rehabilitated. 45 no of work items completed (Emergency works)
Feasibility Studies – 200mn – 05 No of Investigation Surveys completed. 05 No of Feasibility Studies completed. Completion of Water Resources Plan.
Climate Resilience Improvement Project – 3054mn – 02 No of Prepared plans for basin Investment. 154 packages completed. 4 no of roads and bridges constructed. 3 no of school sites stabilized.
Gin Nilwala Diversion Project – 4000mn – Completion of Investigation Surveys. Completion of Feasibility Studies. Completion of EIA. Completion of design.
Establishment of Groundwater Monitoring System – 200mn – Modification of project proposal. Completion of procurement works. Mobilized consultant.

Ministry of Primary Industries

New Planting Program – 5585 Extent Ha
Establishment of processing centers – 85 Processing Centers
Distribution of machines & equipment – Machines 250
Organic villages Program /Spice Park Program – 140 New Organic villages. 4 Spice Parks

Allocated 500mn for above projects/activities

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